Sunday, May 23, 2010

My husband let me...

sleep in today :) It was wonderful - I snoozed until 10:30! Then I woke up to the extreme heat of today, it was freakin' hot. We just pretty much hung out today. We set up Cain's first pool. He loves it :)
Chris blowing up the pool
with the cousins

This weekend has seemed to go by fast. Friday we stayed in and watched movies. Saturday we went to dinner and a movie with some friends. We were supposed to go to a ball game but discovered we had the wrong weekend when we got there and the parking lot was empty - LOL :) One more week and my Mom finally comes home - we miss her.


  1. I love Cain and Chris in the pool! Too cute! Cain and Jett are getting so big! I can not believe its been almost a year already! What big boys :)

  2. I know this year has gone my sooo fast!