Thursday, May 6, 2010

A brief view at my ...

don't waste your money on these items - a follow up from my baby must haves. I had mentioned that there were things that I wish I wouldn't have wasted my money on. As a first time Mommy you aren't sure what you are really going to need, what your baby is going to like and not like, so I bought it all - well almost. There were a few things that I bought or that were gifts that we really didn't get much use out of.

#1 would be the bumbo seat - I just had to have this. I know a lot of people who get a lot of use from their bumbo but we really didn't. Cain would sit in there occasionally but not for long and he never seemed to enjoy it. Here are a few pictures of the times he did sit in there.
Here he is really little - perhaps the first time we used the bumbo. He got more enjoyment out of using the tray as a teething toy then anything.
#2 I'm going with baby wash clothes - I got so many freakin' baby wash clothes and I never use them. A regular one works just fine. You really do not need special tiny wash clothes to use on your tiny baby. To be honest probably 90% of the time I'm just lathering him up with my hands - no wash cloth needed. So I have a drawer full of tiny wash clothes that never get used.

#3 To go right along with the tiny wash clothes is a baby bath tub. We used it I think one time. He did not like being in there. It is awkward because you can't wash the entire back side of the baby - especially when they are so little and just lay back. We got one of those yellow foam things that the baby lays on and when he was super tiny I just used that on the counter. Then he got a little bigger and I just placed it on the bottom of our regular bath tub. He liked it a lot better. So for us no baby tub needed. Waste of cash!

#4 and perhaps the dumbest of them all - a tub side kneeler. My husband is going to love that I am proving him right in front of the entire internet world. He told me not to get it and that it was dumb but oh no - I knew I needed this and would use it all the time. HA! It is a little stool that you can kneel on and it has a top part that hooks on the side of the tub so you can rest your elbows on it. I hardly ever used it. It was more uncomfortable then not. That was probably my biggest regret.

There were other things that I was able to borrow from friends instead of buying and I am so glad I did. Babies go through stages so fast, at least Cain did, and he didn't want to do certain things for too long. We borrowed am exersaucer, a jumper, a walker, etc. and he liked them for a month or two and then was done. I'm glad I didn't have to spend money on all those things. So what are the baby things you can't believe you wasted your money on?


  1. I agree with the bumbo. Charlettes problem was that her legs got to chunky to fit in the leg part..hahaha. And she always pushed things off the tray. I use her washcloths. She has really watery eyes and in the mornings/after nap they get boogery and and her washcloths are softer. But I also have TONS of them...way too many! I also borrow alot of big items. We use the tub so I dont have to fill up the big tub. She just sits up in loves bath time!! One thing though I got a baby backpack and I have never used it. And socks!! Can you find socks to stay on his feet....uugghh...really annoying!! This is my :)

  2. Those darn socks! He will pull them off and throw them so I never know where half of them are. I don't know if you are talking about a baby carrier or if a baby backpack is something different but we used our carrier a lot when he was smaller. Thanks Amy for commenting :)

  3. Yeah the carrier that you put the baby in and the baby hangs in front of you. I know a lot of people that love them but I never used it.