Friday, April 2, 2010

Crazy last few days...

Sooo weird. Now this next part is a little complicated so try and stick with me...
I do not have bottom wisdom teeth - they never came in they are just not there. I do have top wisdome teeth. On one side the tooth has not come through or anything they can just see it on the x-ray. The other side has come through the gum pretty recently but never was a big problem. Well I woke up yesterday morning and could barely open my mouth. It hurt sooo bad.
So I called my dentist - who guess what is on vacation for a week! of I call my orthodontist who tells me to call the oral surgeon. I then call the oral surgeon who tells me the earliest they can get me in is in two weeks and that is only for a consultation! What the heck people I can't even open my mouth. The lady tells me to call my regular dentist and they can give me an antibiotic if it is infected.
So I call the dentist back who I know is on vacation to listen the their entire message and find out who to call and what to do. The message leaves a number of another dentist who is taking their emergency patients for the week. Alright so I call this other dentist who tells me to come in this afternoon. Yes - wonderful - this is great - I am fully planning on going in there, having them take a quick peek, send me home with an antibiotic.
I am leaving work to go to the dentist when I get a call from my husband. "Ummm I have a rash over my entire body"
"I have a rash over my entire body and am going to urgent care"
"When did this happen, what the heck is going on"
I arrive and the dentist and he looks in my mouth and says oh I can get that out for you right now. WHAT - I wasn't prepared for this. (And if you know me you know that I am a complete nut job about going to the dentist). Well ummm ok I guess. I;m breathing in the laughing gas, feeling good, he pulls my tooth in a matter of 5 mins. and it's done. That wasn't so bad!
I leave the office with a mouth full of cotton. Call my husband and apparently he is having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic he had taken. I get home and it is awful. Head to toe red spots. So I decide to spend the night at my Mom's with Cain just incase this is something contagious and not just an allergic reaction - I was a little freaked out.
So that was my crazy insane day. I didn't sleep to much last night so I spent the day walking around feeling like a zombie. Cain was cranky the entire day because A) he is getting another tooth and B) his schedule was all out of whack so that was super great.  He did however get a new wagon from Grandma and Grandpa for Easter and has been enjoying it very much.  Happy Easter Everyone!

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