Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Must Haves: Part 2

Just like yesterday I am going to share with you my favorite and most used baby items. Today I want to start out with the...
Swaddle Blanket
When Cain was born he loved being swaddled, as most babies do. The nurses were awesome but when we got home I just couldn't do it as well as them. We bought a swaddle blanket and used that thing every night for a long time. It worked so well. If he spit up on it or anything I would wash it right away so we would have it for the evening. Eventually he started busting out of it and we decided to transition him out of the swaddle. Which if you have children you know may not be easy. He was so used to sleeping all tight and snug and when he wasn't he would wake up a million times. Him moving his arm would wake him up. We got the Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me Microfleece blanket shown below because we used it most during the colder months. Obviously this isn't Cain but it was the only picture I could find online. I don't have any pictures of him wrapped up in his swaddle blanket. 
*Super easy to use and has velcro to keep it closed.
*You could use this in the winter months to keep baby warm - they do have light weight material ones for warmer weather. 
*Just throw it in the washer and dryer and it's clean

* none - if your baby likes to be swaddled I would recommend this

The next thing that we used a lot....
The play mat
so when your baby first starts becoming alert and is sick of staring at you all day you need something new. Something to occupy them. Start letting them touch things and get more "active". We registered for this and received this as a gift. We got a lot of use out this play mat. It was just until recently that he stopped showing interest in it. We have the Fisher-Price - 1 2 3 Rainforest Musical Play Gym. Below are pictures of Cain using it at different stages.
this is the first time we laid him under there, he was in awww. He seemed a little confused and not sure what to do.
Here he liked playing with the toys. He could bat them around a little and make the music play all by himself. 

*really has something for every stage your baby is in
*is small and doesn't take up a lot of space - you can fold it up and up it away
*colorful and cute
*not loud or obnoxious 

*the toys are just velcroed on so when he could he would just rip them off the top
*I wish there were just a few more "activities" on this mat

and last but not least...
The high chair
We did not purchase a high chair right away. Our kitchen is very small and we do not have a dining room. We did not want something big and bulky. We looked at so many high chairs before finally choosing a high chair from Ikea. I know that this high chair does have a name but I am not sure what it is. When I went to the Ikea website I could not find it on there. We purchased it at the store. I have mixed feelings on this high chair but I have included it in my baby must haves because we use this thing sooo much now. Here are some pictures of Cain in his high chair.
*this high chair slides right up to the table
*it folds up flat for storage
*cleans very easy - just wipe it down with a wet cloth
*has a strap that straps him in
*very light weight easy to move around

*it does not have a tray - it just slides up to the table so when he is eating it falls off the table easier then I think it would if there were a tray

Well that is my list for today. I am going to have one more part of my baby must haves and then I will get on with the list of things I shouldn't have wasted my money on. Please let me know your thoughts on any of these products or if you have anything you liked better / worse.

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