Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Must Haves: Part 1

When I was pregnant, and because this is our first baby, I went through baby sections at every store and thought I needed to have everything I saw. "Oh we're going to need that for sure" I remember telling Chris over and over. "We don't need that crap" he replied over and over. There are some things that I am glad we did get and other things I can't believe I spent my money on. So here I am going to review a few items that I am so glad we got. Please remember that every baby is different and what worked great for us may not be great for you. So first up...

The travel system
This was one of the biggest things that I had my heart set on. We registered for it at Target and got it as a shower gift. It is the Safety 1st PlaySafe Travel System - Dotswana. 
*It is nice that you don;t have to get the baby out of the seat and put into stroller every time - the entire car seat hooks to the top of the stroller.
*I liked that the base of the carseat was always in the car and you just snapped the seat to the base. Easy to get in and out of the car.
*Stroller is nice to use on it's own now that Cain is bigger. Opens easily. 
*I really liked the colors and it is gender neutral so we can always use it again.

*The stroller is large and took up the entire trunk of my car.
*Again the stroller is large so if we are just going for a quick walk I tend to use the light weight smaller stroller that we have. 

Here is Cain on the day he came home from the hospital. His first time using his car seat.
Up next...
The pack and play
This was a difficult decision to make when we were registering for our baby shower. Did we really need one, would we use it a lot, did we need the basic kind or the decked out one, with all sorts of gadgets on it. In the end we decided to register for a pretty simple one. We got this as a shower gift as well. We used it next to our bed when he first came home. We use it a lot more now that he is mobile and into everything. It is the Graco Pack n' Play - Monkey Business.
*Folds up pretty small and good for traveling. We've already taken it on a few trips with us and Cain sleeps in it over night.
*The bottom can be raised or lowered so it is great for smaller babies and older babies. 
*I feel that it would be great for a boy or girl.
*It's hard to see in the picture but there are three cute monkeys hanging that Cain loved to bat around

*It is difficult to get set up and take down. I still have troubles getting it set up or taking it down. Although we usually have it in one place so I don't have to do it often.

And one more for this evening...
The lamb chair
I knew we needed a "bouncer" - something to sit the baby in for awhile. This is not really a "bouncer" but loved it. He would sit in his chair while I took a shower, did dishes, etc. This only lasted a short while though. As soon as he got good head control he wanted to be sitting up and not leaning back. It can vibrate and/or play music. Some nights he would even sleep in his chair. The one we got as a shower gift is the Fisher - Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat.
*Super soft and cute
*Vibrates which Cain loved
*Gender neutral so we can always use it again
*Doesn't take up a lot of space. 
*The bar that the toy hangs off of can be removed - he didn't really like it on there. 

*Cain out grew it to fast - not the products fault 

Here is a very little Cain enjoying his lamb chair. Oh how I miss him being so darn little. 
Please check back next time for Part 2 of baby must haves. Also leave me a comment telling me about your experiences with any of these products or what your must haves are.


  1. I think this is so funny!! I love it :) I LOVE my travel system! They came seperate but go together. I had to have the one I have, colors red and brown are boy or girl and very smple to snap together when your out and about! Now that Charlette has out grown her carseat and is in a big girl one we use the stroller when at mall so I have a place to put things. I agree that it is very big and takes up my whole trunk.

    I do not have a pack and play...we may have to get one if we decide to travel somewhere but we borrowed a bassinet for when she was an infant. I moved her into her crib at 2 1/2 months so she was not in it long. We registered for one like yours I think but did not receive it. I will just ask to borrow yours if we ;)

    The bouncy...I loved ours and we let someone borrow it when she grew out of it. She like it...she really like it when she could finally reach the toys that hung down.

    Heres my opinion...sorry so long :)Cant wait to see your part two! Are you going to list the things you dont need?

  2. Love the pictures. the one of the baby with his tongue out is priceless and the one with the slippers are cute.

  3. Cain grew out of his carseat sort of early too...he really did not like leaning back, he wanted to be sitting straight up. We have the pack and play in the living room and he plays in there with his toys when I am cleaning, cooking, etc. I am going to do a list of things I shouldn't have spent my money on - that one I think will be more fun :)