Monday, March 8, 2010

This is me at...

twenty-seven years old...
Today is my birthday. I can't believe I am twenty-seven. I still feel like I'm ten sometimes. Yes I own a house, a mini-van - a feakin' mini-van, I have a husband and a baby but there are days when I feel I'm still a kid. I look exactly the same. The same as I did sense I was ten. I still have dark straight plain hair. I still have blue eyes and crooked teeth. Not much has changed and yet so much has changed. -weird- Anyway we've been keeping busy. It's been nice out these last few days so we have been taking every opportunity that we can to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
(taking our walk outside on the rail trail)
We got together with some family and extended family and played with new friends.
(playing with Tuesday and Sam)
(hanging out with Tyler)
Cain got to take lots of naps - lucky. Chris got to take one nap and I think I got to take one nap.
(he always scoots to the top so his head touches the bumper, it's strange)
We pigged out on lots of food. Especially today - the girls at the office took me to Olive Garden for a birthday lunch. Then we had a family dinner at my Mom's where I over ate - by a lot.
(this is his hurry up and get my food faster because I'm starving and I am going to scream face)
So that's what we've been doing. Nothing to exciting. Oh I did get Cain's first book in the mail from the the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It's a program where kids get a book every month until they are 5. His first book is "The Little Engine That Could". It's exciting :) Thanks everyone who made my special day even better - love you all.


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  2. I like looking at your new posts :) We have Charlette signed up for those books. I really like getting them too!