Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh how big...

my little guy is getting! He has learned so many things in the last two months I am amazed. He can now crawl - really well, and starting to get faster, he can sit up on his own, he pulls himself up to things, he says dada - which breaks my heart because I put so much effort into trying to get him to say mama. He loves going for walks now that it is nicer out and story time.
I got to hang out with my Dad and my sisters the other day. We had dinner and went for a walk through the woods on my grandpa's property. Makenna insisted that we have "walking sticks".
Starting to plan some things for the next couple of months...there is of course Easter this weekend. Then Baby Grace should be here! My Mom and I are taking a girls day and going to the Birch Run outlets. Mothers Day - my very first :) Then we have Pug and Kim's wedding which we are excited for. By then it should be nice out and we can do some more "summer activities".

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  1. My goodness your baby is getting so big and he is such a cutie. I also like the picture of you, your dad and Kenzie and Kenna.