Monday, February 22, 2010

You are what....

you eat, right?! Then I should be a giant blob of chocolate and all things related. I am a vegetarian and have been my entire life. I don't even know what a burger or steak tastes like and at this point in life I don't care to find out. I did try a pepperoni once but I didn't like it. My parents are not vegetarians...actually the total opposite. They are meat and potatoes kind of people. How did I end up this way you ask (or didn't and I will tell you anyway) when I was little and my Mom would feed me meat I would get sick every time. She took me to a doctor and they said that my system just couldn't handle it at the time and not to force it. So she never did and I never got the urge to try it. I am the only one in my family that is a vegetarian.
So when people find out that I am a vegetarian the first thing they ask is 'oh would you like a salad', ummm no I don't like salad. Weird - I know. My husband calls me a "pasta tarian" because I don't actually like veggies that much. I like the standard green beans or cooked carrots but that's about it.
Many of my meals consist of potatoes, pasta, I love me some pizza, etc. So I should be like 500 pounds by now but for some reason I'm not there yet. I know that I should really eat better - I tell myself this all the time but it hasn't actually happened.
I want Cain to be a good healthy eater like his father. Chris is a super good eater, his dinners usually consist of salmon, salad, veggies, etc. We are so opposite! Don't get me wrong he can eat Taco Bell like no one I've seen. He usually eats good though and due to some health issues he is gluten free. Which means we have switched some things - like now we get rice pasta. There is a complete gluten free section at grocery stores that most people don't know exist. He is trying his best to help me turn over a new leaf. We also try and buy organic everything.
Getting back on the subject again - I want Cain to be a good eater. He is doing really good with solid foods and has liked basically everything he has had. We try and limit his fruits and stick to mostly veggies. He will not be a vegetarian unless he chooses to do so later. I don't want him to get the same stupid questions I deal with all the time - "what do you eat? how can you even go to McDonalds? what do you eat for dinner? what do you get on your pizza then?" Yeah I even get - "she don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone".
I love junk food so much too. It's gonna be the death of me! Ice cream, chocolate, cake, brownies...I'm making myself hungry! So I have to get working on better eating habits so my son doesn't take his cue from his Mother.


  1. Your husband sounds like a real straight shooter. I think you should emulate him!

  2. That is a cute picture of cain...and i am just like you...i love junk food...i can't help myself. But i still like meat (when i'm not pregnant) and i like veggies too!