Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day...

Last night all I kept hearing about is this snow storm headed our way. So I went to bed expecting to wake up to a blizzard. However I woke up - looked out  and... nothing...not one single flake...the lying bastards. So I drove to work and got to the office, sat down at my desk, looked out the window and the snow had started to fly. By 10:30 it was nasty out so I decided to head out - pick up Cain from grandma's and go home...have a snow day.

So glad I did! We got home and played, had lunch, and took a nap together. I don't usually let little man sleep in bed with me - mostly because I fear all the things that people warn you about...your baby will sufficate, you will roll over on your baby, he will fall off the bed, etc.

This was only the second time we have napped in mommy's bed together and I must say I love it. I love having him all curled up to me - feeling his little breath and his chest go up and down. There are plenty of women who co-sleep and would advice you that it is good for you and baby. Not here to debate it...to each his own, just saying i love it.

So the snow is still falling and the husband is now home. Planning on some dinner, and after little bird goes to bed a movie night curled up on the couch. Yay :)

P.S. just wondering how I can live in MI my entire life and still not own a snow blower ?!?

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