Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thoughts 2

1. Trying to stop drinking pop and I went a whole day. I'm so weak!
2. I can't believe it is February already
3. I can't believe I am almost 27 - what the heck, I don't feel like a "grown-up"
4. Made a chocolate cake and it is yummy
5. I hope some work issues work themselves out
6. We might be able to build in the spring - crossing my fingers!
7. Chris has his first basketball game of this league on Saturday
8. I painted my fingernails black for the first time ever yesterday and I like it
9. Wishing said nail polish wouldn't chip as soon as you do the dishes and give the baby a bath
10. I'm in need of a new hair do
11. Can't wait to pay some bills off with our tax return - oh and by the chair I have been eyeing at Ikea
12. Trying to figure out how old I want Cain to be when/if we have another baby
13. So thankful my Mom is able to keep Cain the days we have to work
14. Visited my Grandpa today - it was nice. I need to do it more often!
15. Excited and nervous about getting root canal done in two weeks - need my poor tooth to feel better.
16. Grocery shopping tomorrow and running errands - off to bed, so tired - good night

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