Monday, February 15, 2010

My son has...

become a thumb sucker despite his Mother's efforts to make him a non-thumb sucker. Every time I look over he has that thumb in his mouth. Really I don't care too much, just don't want it to last until he's 15. And when I really think about it - it's his thumb so he can suck it if he wants too...that just sounded really know what I mean.
At the baby shower I attended over the weekend there was another little baby - a girl - one week older then little bird. She was sitting there with her mother so nicely, quietly playing while everyone adored her - as they should. While my son was trying to wiggle his way out of my grasp no matter how I held him. He would throw his toys - which I was desperately trying to use to entertain him - on the floor. He would then pull on the plastic table cloth and almost dumped an entire table of drinks. He would flirt with the "grandmas" that were sitting behind us. So I am wondering is this just becuase he is a boy or is it because I am raising a monster child? Someone please tell me it is because he is a boy!

So now that he is mobile I can't take my eye off of him for one second. I looked at him and he was on the other side of the room. I look at him again 2 seconds later and here he is playing in the dog's water. I of course told him not to do that and it was really yucky - right after I took a picture of it. My little monster boy ;)


  1. Very nice post, made me giggle! You are indeed raising a monster child and it is all your fault.

  2. Ahh... Welcome to the world of boys :)
    There is no class, no other parents advice or book to read that can completly explain the difference between sons and daughters it is something that you have to witness/experience/feel all for yourself!

    And as for the thumb sucking... Your right... It is his thumb so why not suck on it...right?! James was a thumb sucker unfortunetly for him his sucking was cut short by a minor surgery on his poor little thumb :( He was so mad at the bandages on it but was even more devestated when he got the bandage off and realized his poor stitched thumb would never taste the same.