Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love ...

my husband. I really really do. We have been together for almost 6 years. When we first started dating we jokingly said we would do a 10 year contract and renegotiate our realationship in 10 years. That seemed so far away and now here we are six years later. What has happend in those six years - well a lot. We've taken some really fun trips ...this one is when we went to ceder point.
we look so young
                                            St George Island '05
We got engaged...we wen't away for our "two year anniversary" and Chris planned an entire weekend away. It was so much fun. I had no idea at all that he was going to propose - and I think I was the only one who didn't know.
the night we got engaged
We bought a house...we had rented a house for awhile and decided to take the plunge as homeowners. After we got a house we had to get a dog right ?
                 our dog Layla - a year after we got her as a puppy
We got married in June 2007. It was an amazing day. Everything I imagined it to be. Minus the part where I couldn't stop crying for two effing seconds.
We've celebrated lots of birthdays, Christmas', fun times, and sad times. He is by far my best friend in the entire world. 
Halloween 08
                                                  on a picnic
golfing in the rain
Then we decided to have a baby...which took all of one month to happen. (He claims to be good at everything he does) We found out the day before Thanksgiving in 2009. It was so fun to plan everything, and talk about all the plans we had for the baby. Picking out names and not being able to agree on anything. 
         here I am at 41 weeks because he didn't want to come out. 
Then we had to go and get induced. An all day process and he finally arrived at 11:45 at night.
                                                cutting the cord
and baby makes three
So watching my husband transform from a boyfriend to a husband to a father has been a great journey. He is a wonderful husband and amazing father. And even when he frustrates me to my wits end I can't imagine life without him :)

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  1. Those words are a wonderful thing to say about your husband. Keep feeling that way and in 60 years you will still have a "Once in a lifetime love affair"
    Love you,
    Aunt Jill