Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend exhaustion

what a weekend. i'm tired...more like exhausted.
it was fun but i am glad to be home. over the weekend we hung out with family, went to do some thrift shopping, went to the pistons game, went to ikea, ate a lot, and now after a long drive we are home.
oh it feels good to be home.
now got the babes down for a nap, got some laundry going, and here i sit.
still trying to figure out what is causing my poor little bird to have his pooping problems.
back to work tomorrow. good and bad for me. ready to get back to my routine but not really ready to go to work.
the weather was sucky this weekend. it has warmed up but no sun and rain this morning. what the fuck. i am ready for spring to be here, every winter i wonder why i am still living in michigan.
did i mention i feel exhausted.
my sister is having a girl. i get to buy girl things now. they sure do have way cuter girl things then they do boy things. it's hard finding cute boy things (that don't cost a fortune). he grows so fast i can not justify spending that much money for things. i don't even spend that much money on myself. i have found that sense becoming a mom my shopping has now been focused on little man. where i used to think "i need those jeans" i now find my self thinking "no i don't need that, i will get cain this instead". not that he needs any more crap.
well im off cain is up from his nap :)

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