Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poop Puller

Today I had  the day off. It was nice because I had a million things I wanted to get done today. How many of those million things did I get done today...zero! Well I take that back...I did get to the post office today. So chalk that up to one! I spent the day hanging out with the little monster, cleaning the house, and doing a bunch of nothing. I did get to take a nap today which was amazing! Cain napped for 2 hours today so I decided to join in on the slumber. It was much needed after the night we had last night. 

Cain went to the doctor last week and I am seriously thinking of switching doctors.  I am not getting what I think I need out of this one. First off let me inform you that we have chosen to not vaccinate him. Please do not give me shit on this decision! We did our research and made the best decision for OUR child. So with that in mind, we do not visit the doctor on a regular basis. I think you should visit the doctor when there is a reason to go to a doctor, ie. if you are sick, an emergency, etc. I don't need to go to the doctor to have him weigh my kid. I can do that at home, as well as measure how long he is, etc. Most of the stuff that he has told us in the two visits that he has seen Cain we were already aware of. My little bird is healthy and is hitting milestones at the normal age. I am his Mom - the one who spends every single day with him. If there was a concern then I would immediately take him to the doctor.  So back to the begining...he went to the doctor last week for being seriously constipated. Poor little man :( Being the first time Mom that I am...I freaked out. Got to the doctor and he didn't really help me at all. He didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. He didn't give my son relief. Nothing. Just told me it would be fine, blah blah blah and to make sure I schedule a well visit so they could look at him. I was a little beside myself. We are here now...look at him! Anyway we left and to say the least I did not schedule my "well visit" and I ended up pulling shit out of my little guys ass. Oh the joys of motherhood. :) This is one of the many things people do not inform you about when you are going to become a parent. You hear about the sleep deprivation you are going to face. You hear about the diapers. But nobody tells you things like you may have to pull shit out of your babies ass. Or if you are nursing that at first your boobs will feel like they have rocks in them if you actually get to sleep more then 2 hours at a time during the night. I think if parents told the truth to people who are yet to have children there wouldn't be as many babies in the world. But no matter what my little guy throws at me - I am ready and will do whatever I needs to be done. Because when he flashes that gummy smile at me there is nothing I wouldn't do for him :)

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