Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today is my Friday...thank goodness! I was getting a little "cranky" at work today. I can't stand the year end stuff that I am still dealing with. Pain in the ass!

I am trying to do a "365" project. I want to take a picture every day for 365 days. I've got my pics but not sure where / how I am going to share them. Perhaps I should start a new blog just for that. Sense I am a blogging maniac these days.

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked sense I haven't done it in forever. I was afraid she would tell me I needed glasses but all is well and my eyes are great.

I also got a twitter account,, I said I would never get one but I'm a sucker. I am just getting bored with Facebook, MySpace, etc. I am hoping to meet some new people - through blogging or twitter. I am from a small town where you feel like you know everyone. I need something different.

I really go back and forth in my thoughts about city life or small town life. I grew up in the country and there were definitely advantages to that but it also comes along with disadvantages - as does every side. I felt a little sheltered and when I got to college was really given a reality check. I want my son to be able to grow up in a diverse place. I want him to see things I didn't get to, know things I didn't. Do you live in a big city or small town? What do you think are the pros and cons to it?

That is really what we all want itsn't it? To give our children the things we didn't have. To give them a "better" life then we were given. I want my little monkey to be a valuble member of society, to grow up learning to do the right thing, to respect people for who they are and what they believe in. I want him to do what makes him happy and not to conform. I have younger brothers and sisters ( I am the oldest of six kids) and see them and their friends and I am not to impressed. Will it make me sound really old if I say I think they are all little punks, lol. A lot of them walk around thinking the world owes them something. I don't get it. And I am pretty sure my Dad has gotten soft with age because some of the things the kids do now would have gotten me in so much trouble if I had tried.

When I said my family is dysfunctional I meant it...try to follow Mom and Dad had me when they were young (only 18) and then they had my sister who is a year and a half younger then me. Then when I was 13 my parents divorced. My Dad got remarried and his wife had 2 boys from a previous marriage. They were super little at the time and my Dad adopted them. Then they had 2 girls together. So I am the oldest (26) and I have a sister who is 10! Got all that? My Mom was the smart one and didn't have anymore child when she remarried. Now she is a young Grandma and is free to do what she wants whenever she wants to do it. 

Well I will leave you with my picture of the day...this was the sun rising right outside my office as I was getting to work this morning.

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