Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I went from a blogging manic to not blogging for a few days...what the heck? I have been super busy with work. Lots of stuff going on. Took Cain to our "regular" doctor. Chris and I go to a homoeopathic doctor and took Cain for his first visit. It went well and we are going to be giving his some enzymes to help him digest his food a little better which will hopefully take care of the constipation.

I made little bird a cute blanket the other day. Just one of those "tie" blankets. It is super cute. I got a pattern to make an Easter basket so I am going to try that. I've never done one before so we shall see how it goes. I got the stuff I need (I think) today at the craft store.

I have been thinking of things I want to do this year that are local attractions. We do have a lot of stuff near us that we don't take advantage of. This winter still I want to go to Snow Snake and go snow tubing. It's tons of fun. Then in the spring and summer I want to go to Tunes By The Tridge, the farmers market which also has an art market. Dow Gardens, Center for the Arts, the zoo. There are so many things. I am going to be trying to do some research to see what else is going on in MI. I want to go to Chicago again, love that place.

My birthday is coming up soon and I am trying to figure out what I want to do. I love making a big deal out of birthdays, it's your special day and it should be celebrated. I love "celebrating" anything.

I am going to be pretty busy for awhile. My Dad's birthday is next weekend, my sister's the weekend after that, mother in law's, then Valentines Day and then my birthday!

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