Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Day

It's been awhile for me on here. If you noticed...if you read this or just accidentally stumble across it. We have been a busy little family. I've been working, Chris has been working and successfully starting up his business, and little bug has been hanging out with Grandma while we are at work. He is doing really good. He loves his walker and is scooting all around the house. At Grandmas he has to try to get across the carpet and at home he is loving the hardwood floors.
tired little man

He has been having some rough nights, well rough for his sleep deprived parents. He has decided to wake up in the middle of the night and just be awake. While he is "just being awake" he likes to occasionally scream - loudly at the top of his lungs. He likes to then smile at you when you feel you just can't take it any more. I swear the neighbors are going to think we are beating him in the middle of the night.

at grandpa's

I got home from work a little early today - cleaned up the house, took a little much needed nap, put away all my crap from craft projects. 

This weekend we are going to the Pistons game again - lets hope this one turns out better then the last game. We will be stopping by my favorite mall - Great Lakes Crossing. So while we are away Cain will have his first over night visit with Grandma. Grandma's excited, Cain doesn't really know the difference, and Mommy is nervous! I know that my mother is perfectly capable - I mean look at what a good job she did raising me - but to leave your precious little baby in the hands of anyone over night is scary to me. Check back with me in a few years, I will probably be begging my mom to take him over night. 
So what is everyone doing for Valentines? I know that for some it is just a Hallmark holiday and we don't usually make a big deal over it but I am going to try and persuade my husband other wise this year. I want to get dressed up and go out :)

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